How To Save Money While You Work From Home

We are all working hard to avoid another spike of Covid-19. This probably means that you are all working from home where possible so you can avoid any possible spread. The one positive to come out of the pandemic in which we are living, is that it has become entirely possible for most of us to work from home – at last.

Digital technology has stepped up and allowed us to discover a whole new world of remote working, and people are loving the freedom that comes with it. No commute, no hours spent away from the family throughout the day. Sure, it’s down to a pandemic, but it’s a positive outcome for many of us. Only this morning, a chat with a lady whilst walking the dogs revealed that she is pleased as punch that she can do conference calls with her pjs on instead of driving miles to a face to face meeting which pre Covid-19 was an expectation from her clients.
The only negative? The amount of money we spend day to day is ramping up. We are spending more on food and utilities, heating and water bills have gone right up, and that’s not very positive. Those who are furloughed and unable to work are also dealing with these rising costs, which can cause a lot of stress.
If your business is usually one that remains on the road, or you need a vehicle as part of your job, you may find that you save some money while you are at home. When you run a business with a vehicle, you get a motor trade policy, but working from home could see you save some cash on that. The one thing that you can bet on while you work from home is that there ARE savings to be made. With that in mind, I have put together a list of ways that you can save some money while you are working from home right now.
How To Save Money While You Work From Home
  • Turn Down The Heat
While you are at home, you use more heating than when you are at work – that’s pretty obvious. The thing is, you don’t quite realise just how much heating you use until you are at home all day. Turning down your thermostat by even one degree, you could save up to £80 a year!
  • Switch Your Bulbs
Your current standard light bulbs are great and all, but LED lights can save you money. If you replace your bulbs with LEDs, you may spend a little more up front but you save money over the year.
  • Turn Things Off
It’s tempting to put things on standby, but you need to switch off your unused plug sockets and appliances. There is no use in allowing electricity to run when you’re not using things. Switch it off and save some cash!
  • Speak To Your Supplier
When you’re at home and you are using more heat and electricity, you can discuss your tariff with your supplier and see whether you can save money now that you’re at home a lot more. You can also figure out what tariff you are on and how you can save some money with it.
  • Slow Down On Your Hot Drinks
If you want to save money while working from home, think about your coffee and tea consumption. The more you boil the kettle, the more you spend. So, only fill up on what you need and boil a cup at a time! Better still switch to drinking more water.
  • Shop Smart
Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean that you have to spend more on groceries. In fact, you will likely save money by making meals rather than buying ready made or those dreaded takeaways. Cut down on the snacks too. Another bit of advice would be to stay offline because you don’t need all of that stuff. It is so easy to get distracted from your work and do a bit of online shopping. This is my biggest weakness but I’m working on it!

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Final Thoughts

Working from home can be a huge positive in many ways but don’t get caught out by the extra and rising costs that can come from being at home all day.
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How To Save Money While You Work From Home

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