Does Your Business Need To Adapt Due To Covid-19?

You have probably put hundreds of hours into your business as it currently stands; you are proud of where it comes from, you are proud of just how much you have made, and you are incredibly proud of yourself for seeing it all through to the end.
But now comes the time when you have got to think about where to go next. The world seems to have changed in the blink of an eye and old business models don’t necessarily work. It’s time to decide if your business can look, feel and operate as good as it was before Covid-19 changed us.
Your business might just be in need of a new look and a new image, but how can you make sure it’s a facelift for the better?
You might need to incorporate a whole new working model if your business is to survive at all. Can it operate differently and still be a success?
I have put together a few small points below that you might want to consider in your efforts in either of these scenarios.
Your rebranding or reorganising needs to work in your favour – that means you need to do a little research!
Does Your Business Need To Adapt Due To Covid-19?
If you decide it just requires a rebrand then:

Clean Up A Little

Look around you; do you think your working space is clean enough? Are there smudges on the walls? Are the windows clear? Is the floor mopped and vacuumed? These are just some of the smaller tasks you can complete to ensure your business looks good and feels safe!
If you can get a few chores down, like repainting the office, wiping the windows down, and ensuring that hardwood is sparkling, guests are going to feel a lot better about sitting in your waiting room!
Is it possible to keep people 2 meters apart? If not how can you reorganise the space or your appointments to allow for this? It is a legal requirement in the U.K for any business wishing to open right now.

Add A Hint Of Professionalism

You are going to need to add a hint of professionalism to your image if you are to expand and thrive. If you are planning to clean up your act a little and give your business the look it really needs and you are planning to play with the real heavy hitters in the near future, think professional. Sure, you may have been a home business before, and that worked just fine, but for progression, that means having the right look; one that fits your brand, whilst still being straight laced and serious enough to take on the competition and bring the investors in.
If you don’t have the resources for setting up a proper office of your own at the moment, using a service like virtual offices at BE Offices could really help to introduce that professional buffer that allows you to entice in the connections that you need. At the same time, you’ll have most of your admin work taken care of by virtual receptionists and VoIP, so you will have plenty of time to get on with what you need to!

Focus On Your Branding

You are going to need to focus on your branding here too. You are going to need to come up with an image that really fits your message – you can’t fit a cutesy, more hipster feeling brand into a high tech inner city office, because it just wouldn’t send out the right message to anyone who drops by! So think about the facelift that really suits you; don’t try to fit a generic image on top of your own, personal and customised brand.
If you need to reorganise then:

Go Online

Maybe you already use social media to advertise yourself but what about a website? Any business without one is in big trouble in the future. You have so many options but remember a bad website is almost as bad as no website.
Your website is the face of your brand. It’s where all of your potential customers will discover you so get it right. If you have no idea where to start, can I suggest Wealthy Affiliate as a place to both host your site and learn how to build it properly. It’s easy when you know how. Sure you can hire a web designer if you can afford it, but you will always need their services if you don’t learn the online rules for yourself. Websites need updating, regularly.

Use Online Tools

Covid-19 has made working from home essential at least for now. If your staff can’t then you cannot operate, full stop. Though things are changing, going back to “as you were” is not going to be an option.
Change is always difficult, even good changes sometimes, because it requires us to adapt and change our working practices. Zoom seems to be the trendy platform to use for your virtual meetings but Google have their own platforms which are probably better as they have more tools for you and your team to use to organise yourselves effectively.

How I Make A Living Online

I make my living online, through Affiliate marketing and I have learnt everything I needed to know about building such a business through Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training platform for anyone wanting to either start an online business or build upon an existing one.
If you want to check it out for free with no credit card required click on the link below.
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Final Thoughts

Your business might need a facelift and reorganising, yes, but you need to go about giving it one properly. Make sure you are doing what’s right for you! It’s your business and it is as unique as you are.
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With Grace and Gratitude
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Does Your Business Need To Adapt Due To Covid-19?

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