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Do I Need A Web Developer To Get A Great Website?

Small business owners often think that getting a bespoke website made and sometimes maintained by a web designer or developer is the only way forward in terms of marketing their business.
We may also think that it is going to be expensive. Neither of these things are entirely true.
Building your own website is not that hard and as long as you are willing to learn a few new skills….nothing too overtaxing mind. You should take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate University. Whilst it’s main focus is affiliate marketing, it is still the place to learn how to build and maintain your own website.
Not all web developers and designers are over priced. Take a look at Fiverr or Upwork which is where I would go to find people with more specialist skills than myself, when needed. You will definitely find freelancers that are cheaper than you may imagine.
This being said sometimes you do get what you pay for and getting your website right and working for you and your small business is vital to success in today’s technological world. Many of you will have a small business based on a website with no premises or stock holding so it has to be right for your potential customers.
Do I Need A Web Developer To Get A Great Website

What Does A Website Need To Achieve For You?

When a customer arrives at your website, their needs are simple. They want the process of getting what they want from their visit to be seamless and to make sense.
The whole point of a website is to provide a set of tools for customers to effortlessly interact with your company and get what they want. If possible, they would prefer not to turn up at your site thinking that they can do something, only to find out that they have to pick up the phone and speak with you anyway.
There are all kinds of examples of where companies make exceptional use of their websites and whether you are building and maintaining yours yourself or are thinking of going bespoke with a web developer you should do some online research yourself. Always know what your competitors are doing.
Take a look at IG investments, for instance. You can hop onto IG’s website, set up an account, and then start transferring money, buy stocks and bonds, and put money into a savings account, all right there in the website itself. There is no need to call anyone or send messages and emails. The site has the functionality built in.
It is the same with Dominos pizza. The website doesn’t just show you pretty pictures of pizzas and then implore you to call to place an order, you can put together your order through the website and pay online. No hassle. No fuss.
Going bespoke, may be essential or sensible for your own small business but you need to know that it can be hard to do.
A web developer will probably be able to offer you more than the basic templates available to you or I. This is because they understand code. I do not and neither do many other successful small businesses owners but employing someone who does, has been the making of many others?
If you are thinking of going Bespoke then, below you will find the things a web developer would point out to you in an effort to help you decide if it’s for you or not or their sales pitch if you if like?
Do I Need A Web Developer To Get A Great Website

You Need To:


Future Proof Your Business

One of the biggest problems with basic template design websites is the fact that you don’t have much flexibility if you ever need to change anything about your website. Templates often don’t have the functionality to adjust your business model or provide users will new tools to discover more about your firm. If you need a bespoke website, it’s often a good idea to speak with a specialist consultant who can advise on the correct software strategy both now and in the future.
You want to know that your approach to website design can future-proof your company.

Get Better Mobile Performance

Almost every single number one result on Google is a mobile-friendly website. Today’s businesses can’t afford to ignore mobile anymore. It’s what users want and expect.
Template builders have become better over the years at providing a great mobile experience. But for many companies, they are not ideal. They shoehorn you into compromising on specific aspects of the user experience, which is something that can give you a competitive advantage.
What is the solution? The solution is to create a bespoke experience that makes sense for your product. No amount of fiddling with a website builder is likely to produce the same results.

Get Custom Web Apps

Many companies are abandoning the browser and trying to get customers to use web apps, even on the desktop. The masters of this are the video games vendors. Instead of funneling people through to a site where they can buy games, these apps sit on the desktop like regular programs but are entirely cloud-based.
The apps provide an uncluttered experience that delivers superior sales to the browser environment.

Time To Decide

Do I Need A Web Developer To Get A Great Website
I personally do not use a web designer but my business is not your business. We are all unique in our needs.
If you want to build your own website then you have lots of options but I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate.
If you want a cheaper freelancer then check out Fiverr. Or maybe you now realise you need something bespoke and a web developer is required.

How I Make A Living Online

I make my living online, through affiliate marketing and I have learnt everything I needed to know about building such a business through Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training platform for anyone wanting to either start an online business or build upon an existing one.
If you want to check it out for free with no credit card required click on the link below.
Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide I wish you every success with your own small business and a website that serves you well.
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As ever if you have any questions or want to share your own thoughts or experiences, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
With Grace and Gratitude
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Do I Need A Web Developer To Get A Great Website

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