How To Write For Social Media – Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Writing for Social Media is entirely different to writing your actual Blog Post. You have to be concise and get people to go read your post. Getting more traffic for your Blog is the main aim of this post.
Now we all know that the social media platforms have their own rules but if you follow the five writing rules here, you should have a great hook for getting people to read your Blog. You may need to tweak a little for each of the platforms but you will have the basis for your promotional material.

1. Use a Relevant Image

You may have an image within your post or you may find that you want to use one from elsewhere. Try to use the same image across all social media platforms for consistency and branding. Your Blog should have its own brand and each post should be branded too. It can be an extension of the brand of your website e.g using the same colour palette. Or you can brand each post separately. Whatever works for you and your own particular niche and branding.

2. Use your Blog Post Title

Your Blog post title should be used as the main text. It should be written in Bold. It could be written over your image if you use Canva or similar graphic platforms or it could go beneath the image. This decision may be made for you depending on the social media platform. Instagram and Twitter are best used with text separate from the image. With Pinterest it is better over an image. In either case I always use it underneath, even if it is on the image too.

3. Use your Meta Description

Your Meta Description is what is shown underneath your blog post in google search. You should set your Meta Description in WordPress before publishing. It should be a snippet of what the post is about. I often use a variable of my opening Paragraph. It should be no more than 160 characters.
This could be on the image or not. You may be best to just write the Meta Description after the Title underneath the image.

4. Have a Call to Action

Ask them to read your post or visit your site. I like to put this on the image if I can. Don’t forget to put the URL of where you want them to go.

5. Invite Engagement

End with asking people for their opinion on something. Asking them is likely to get more engagement. Something controversial always works well.
So if I were to write something for Social Media for this post applying these rules, it would look something like this.


How To Write For Social Media and Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Writing for Social Media is different to writing your Blog.
Read My 5 Steps To Success Here
Don’t forget to let me know if I have missed something that works for you.


Obviously I have not included the image here but you probably saw it on social media somewhere. It is probably what brought you to this page in the first place. Note the difference in size and font of the different elements. Titles are always Bold. The rest needs to be distinguished by size usually.
I would put all of this under the image and just “How To Write For Social Media and Get More Traffic For Your Blog” and “Read my 5 steps to success” on the actual image.
I hope you have found my 5 steps to writing for social media useful. If you have any questions or think I have missed something that works for you please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
With Grace and Gratitude



  1. Will L.


    Hi, Karen. Great information in this article! I am working on getting a blog off the ground. It’s hard work but you don’t really mind that if you are passionate about the subject matter. I was interested in learning more about the Meta Description. I was aware it existed but not how important it is. I didn’t notice it in the wordpress editor, or maybe I just missed it? For something so important, I wonder why it is not front and center when posting?


    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Will and thank you for reading.

      You can find the Meta Description at the bottom of the post when editing. The title will be filled in but you add the Meta Description. Above it you will see the preview of how it will appear in search engines.

      Good luck with your blog.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


  2. Jacob Schilling


    Hi Karen, thanks for the social media tips. I have the fault of not using the header title for the beginning part of the post. I will do that from now on. In fact, speaking of that, I learned in a webinar training that you can actually get organic traffic by using your header title on social media. This is because your keyword may not only rank through your site but also through social media posts.

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Jacob and thank you for stopping by my site. 

      You are right, using the heading title on any social media will probably rank in google and Bing. Obviously you need a great Keyword in there. Take a look at my post  What is a Keyword Search tool? This may help you to get titles that rank well.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


  3. Gregory


    This is so true. Writing for social media is an art form in itself these days. It’s not difficult, but it requires a basic understanding of rules that many of us don’t get intuitively. It’s very much a lesson in today’s psychology, but without it our messages would get literally lost in the hugeness of social media. Thanks for the article! Well received.

    1. Karen Noone


      Gregory, thank you for stopping by.
      You are right, Using Social Media is an art form and learning the rules means that we can use these platforms to grow our businesses.
      With Grace and Gratitude

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