How To Make Money Online


Are you looking to find the answer to how you can really make money online?

  • Have you scoured the Internet, clicked on ads that have told you that anyone can make $1000s online in the next 24 hours only to discover that after reading their pitch or watched their video that what they really want is your credit card and your money? Sometimes lots of it.
  • Have you discovered that what they want you to do is buy their expensive make money online programme and then sell it to others.
  • Have you been told that by following their simple step by step system you will make you six figure incomes in a matter of weeks.
  • Have you signed up, only to find it’s not that simple and the help promised disappeared as soon as they got your money.
  • Have You been slogging away trying to build an honest online business since forever and are getting nowhere.
  • Have you started blogging but cannot work out how anyone is making money because you certainly aren’t.

      If Any Of The Above Apply To You Then I May Just Have An Answer to your Pains.

Making money online is totally doable but you do need 3 things before it can happen:
  1. A passion or reason why you want it to work for you
  2. Excellent Training
  3. Ongoing Support
Without these three things you will most definitely fail. Why?
  1. Because if you don’t really want it, you won’t put in the time or effort to make it work for you.
  2. Because to build an online business that will make you a long term profitable and passive income requires you to learn new things and you need to learn them from people who have experience and are continually updating their training as the internet changes and grows.
  3. None of us can do this alone. Sometimes we just need some technical help, sometimes we just need to hear other people’s successes and we always need people who will cheer you on with your own successes.

Where Can You Find All Of This And Truly Learn How To Make Money Online?

The answer is Wealthy Affiliate, the best Training platform for anyone wanting to make money online today.
Is It Expensive?
No. You can join for free and you will get access to the first level of the Certification course which includes 10 separate lessons. Here you will learn exactly how to set up your website from scratch and ensure that it is SEO ready. If you already have a site it will still help you to put things right that you may have missed.
You can then stay free forever if you so wish and you can still keep and continue to build your two free websites.
Most people will want to go premium which is $19 for your first month and $49 per month thereafter or $29 if you are ready to go for the yearly subscription.
Going Premium gives you access all areas. No extra add ons or upsells to be found anywhere. So in reality you can build and learn how to build or get your site ready for the online world for free. If you like what you see you can risk $19 and continue to learn and get the most out of the platform. If you don’t think it’s for you after this then you can cancel at anytime.
You are not committed to any long term subscription. Going yearly will happen when you are totally happy that this is where you will find the answers to everything you need to know to create the profitable website you desire. You don’t have to go yearly either. It’s just a service which allows you to decrease your business costs.



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What Will I Be Selling?

Anything that you want to sell or promote. The training focuses on Affiliate Marketing and how to do it properly. If you don’t know, Affiliate Marketing is fast becoming the advertising choice for most companies and brands. If you have a niche specific website or blog you will learn how to find the best companies or products to promote or sell. You will learn the best way to promote them so you maximise the commissions they will pay you.
You can learn how to create your own digital products or even a book or courses. You will learn how to promote and sell these the right way too. Many people learn how to sell their own physical products effectively too.
If you want you can promote Wealthy Affiliate too. They have a very generous commission payout for referring people to join the Wealthy Affiliate Community.
There are many things you can promote or sell. There are no rules or limitations but the key is learning how to sell them effectively.
What Do I Get For My Money?
25 fully hosted https WordPress based websites
25 fully hosted WordPress based websites on their site Rubix platform
Access to 3000 + themes to suit your style and what you want your site to do.
120 formal task based training modules that are easy to use and apply.
Over 300 hours of video trainings on any subject you may want to learn.
Weekly live trainings.
A catalogue of 1000s of trainings from industry experts including, ecommerce, drop shipping, lead generation, social media, email marketing and more.
24/7 site support.
24/7 managed and automated monitoring of your sites.
Site Speed and WHOIS Site Security.
Unlimited email accounts.
Next year same price guarantee.
Site Health, website analysis.
Site protect, anti spam.
Your own blog within the community
Site comments and feedback platforms.
Ability to create your own trainings and be paid for them.
Jaaxy lite Keyword and site rank tool.
24/7 Live chat
I may have missed a thing or two. You will not need to ever pay for anything else to run your Website securely and effectively. Wealthy Affiliate includes everything for one low cost that others use as costly upsells because they know you cannot run your Website without them.
Will it Work For Anyone ?
Absolutely. Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence for over 12 years and has well over a million users to date.
Will it work if you don’t? No
Is it a get rich scheme ? No

    Why don’t you join for free and get a feel for if this is for you.

            You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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