Desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions

Are you spending most of your time going from one blog to another, being led down a road that starts with an email and ending up being asked for your credit card? Are you exasperated by information overload? Are you thinking, I don’t know what the hell to do next for my blog?
Are You Desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions?

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Now don’t get me wrong, I have found and bought some great products this way but I have wasted an awful lot of my time on things that are either rubbish or way out of my price range even if I did think I might want it. There are courses for absolutely everything and they all promise the magic ingredient that will get traffic and money flowing to your website.
I end up either exasperated by the amount of information, to the point of not knowing what it really is I am buying or if I actually need it, or disappointed because I want it, but seriously”How Much? My business cannot fund that right now”
If this sounds like you, then you are one of my tribe.
I bet you’ve read that phrase, more than once and thought “What now?”
People use the phrase in many ways but it is definitely the buzz word of the moment.
So what is a Tribe and do you need to be part of one ?
A Tribe is merely a group of people who have similar mindsets and goals and who are willing to work together for the greater good of the whole tribe. Stronger together, I guess would sum it up.
But we are solopreneurs aren’t we? ( another favourite buzzword right now ) Why would we want to work for the greater good of everyone else?
Well we don’t, not unless it helps us out in the process too. And that is the glory of well run and thought out tribes. Everyone has the ability to thrive because the more you give, the more you will get in return.
But not all tribes are created equal are they? If you have spent any time on social media you will know that there are a lot of takers around. The good news is, there are actually more people willing to give and take than just takers. It’s just that the takers are more obvious and the truth is their tribes, if they ever get one, will be short lived.
So back to where we started. If you are exasperated or totally overwhelmed with the amount of Information out there on how to blog then you don’t know where to go next then you are definitely in my tribe.
The thing is, I have watched and learnt enough now to learn that they are all actually saying and doing the same thing, it’s just all packaged in a different way. And therein lies the confusion for all of us.
To be successful at blogging you need these things:
A website with good hosting.
Confidence and the right mindset.
Great Training.
A support network or a Tribe.
A Direction or Purpose.
A product to sell.
A good autoresponder.
A Funnel system that sells for you.
And you need these things in this order. There is no magic key to any of this and there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. If you want it, you have to work for it.
Now I have been lucky enough to find a Tribe which gave or rather gives me the first four things on this list. Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting and training platform that has took me from zero to hero. Well not quite a hero but you get my drift. Believe it or not I started only 5 months ago and all I had to work off was my smartphone. Today I have everything in place to make an honest living from blogging and websites. I currently own this website and two others in different niche markets.
I am not here to sell you wealthy affiliate but if you want to find out more, read my post on its virtues here.
I’m also not here to sell you Hosting, auto responders or funnel systems but if you want to read my take on hosting services again read my post here. Or if you are confused about Autoresponders read my post on the best four in the market.
What I am here to sell you is the ability to cut through the overwhelm with my Facebook Group Desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions.
Desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions is designed to enable all members to get their current Blogging pains made better. Everyone will have their own particular pains but I bet their will be similar ones too.
I don’t know what to sell
I don’t have the confidence to ask for the sale
I don’t know how to set up my auto responder
I don’t know how to get more traffic
I don’t know how to set up with affiliate marketing
I don’t know how to set up widgets
I don’t know how ……. the list will go on.
The way the group will work is that throughout the week everyone will get a chance to ask me anything that is giving them a pain in their business and I will be delivering a weekly live webinar to answer those questions. Twice weekly if necessary. Don’t panic if you can’t commit to the live webinars they will always have the replay available.
What we don’t want is everyone chiming in with answers that may differ. We get that everywhere else on social media which is what has brought us to overwhelm in the first place. So questions will be directed to me by Private message. This will also allow you to ask without fear. Every single one of us has hesitated to ask a question for fear of looking silly or naive.
The only silly question is the one not asked.
I will also be enabling a share thread for all members every day. This will enable everyone to get their blogs and social media accounts read, commented on and therefore create traction on which you can build your business.
There will also be a monthly training which will be led by you to some extent. As you send me your personal Pains, I will get a feel for what is needed and base my training around that. The trainings will be practical ‘how tos’ in the main but I will also be working on your mindset because your mindset is the key to your success.
You will also get access to the exclusive Desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions tribes on Tailwind and Boardbooster. If you don’t already have these as part of you advertising program then I suggest you sign up for your free trials now so you get to find out how they work. Obviously I will be there to help if needed. With tailwind, you get a 100 free Pins on Pinterest or Instagram. You can get your first month after the 100 pins free too if you sign up under my link.
Boardbooster also has a free trial and you get a trial of a 100 Pins to see if it’s for you…. trust me it will be. I get most of my traffic through Pinterest and that’s because I have a Pinning strategy. Without these two applications, I wouldn’t have the time to achieve the results I do.
The good news with both Boardbooster and Tailwind is you can also offer these discounts to your readers and essentially get your subscriptions free.
So back to Desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions.
I have made it a paid subscription Group….. Don’t stop reading…. Its only a $1 a month. Yes one whole dollar.

Why am I charging you?

Psychology tells us that paying for something means you will give it more value and you will actually use it. Honestly how many Facebook Groups do you belong to that you never even take a look at ?

Why only a $1?

I’m not a big believer in Bloggers spending too much money unnecessarily. I want you to earn, not spend money.
So if you are in Overwhelm and are desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions to help you create the blog, website and business of your dreams join me and let me help you to get out of Overwhelm and in to the Success Mindset.

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I look forward working with and for you.
With Grace and Gratitude

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