What Is Success About?

Do you really want Success? What does Success really mean? What Is Stopping you from having success? What Is Success about anyway?
These are the questions I am going to deal with today so you can decide for yourself if you have what it takes to be a success. Not only that but if you are prepared for that success when it arrives.

Do You really want Success?

This on the surface may seem like an odd question. Surely we all want Success. The truth is many of us are scared of it. Few of us are prepared to acknowledge it.
If you have been trudging along in a job you don’t really like but it pays the bills and affords you some luxuries, you may be in a trap. Secretly we dream of a more fulfilling life that gives us a lot more luxuries but it’s just a dream right?

Dreaming of success

If you have already started a blog or website and are hoping to turn it into a full time income, are you really ready for the work and the commitment that it will entail?
We are all dreaming of something. More time with our family, more time and money to travel, a more fulfilling lifestyle.
But how much do you really want the dream? For most people the harsh reality is not enough.
Getting the dream means changing. Changing what we currently do with our time, changing our habits, changing our mindset.
All of this change means hard work and commitment. Success requires a great deal from us. It means giving up things in order to get the success and the dream lifestyle.
Most people are too comfortable. In order to change you need to feel discomfort. If you are too comfortable you will be afraid of success, because it might just upset the apple cart.
You will be subconsciously sabotaging any chance of success, even if you bother to even try.

Hiding from success

If you have a blog or website, you will be busying yourself with the 80% of jobs that will have no effect on your success. Answering emails, playing around in Facebook Groups and other social media, making your site look pretty or smart. You will be kidding yourself that you are working hard but are not totally surprised by your lack of results.
If you are in a job and are dreaming of starting your own business, you will have so many excuses, not to. It will take up too much time, it will be too hard because of the limited time you have, it’s not the right time yet.
If any of this sounds familiar, then you are probably scared of success and all that it will mean.

What Does Success Really Mean?

Success is very subjective because it means something entirely different to all of us. It might mean that you are doing something that makes you happy. What makes me happy is not the same as what will make you happy.
If you have read this far then you are definitely interested in success but you need to really define what success means to you.
This is really hard to do. To help you with defining your success I will open up and tell you what success looks and feels like for me.
Success to me means that I am happy that I am inspiring people to make a change in their life that makes it better for them. It means that I have evidence that I have made a difference in people’s life. It means that I have enabled people to do something that they wouldn’t have believed they could.
It means that I am content that I have done my best to make a difference in as many people’s life as I can.
It means that I am my own boss and make my own rules ( I have never felt great when I have been an employee, no matter, what they paid me.)
It means that I can work when and where I want.
It means that I have enough money to enjoy spending it and spoiling my family. It means that I have no money worries at all. It means that I don’t have to think twice about purchasing something either for me or my family.
And that is what success looks and feels like for me.
Now it’s your turn. Before reading any further take out a pen and a notebook and define what Success looks and feels like for you.

Write down what success means

What Is Stopping You From Having Success?

The answer to this one is simple. It is you and your mindset.
If you have defined what success looks and feels like, now you need to have a plan to make it happen.
No excuses, no buts….. It’s now down to you.
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Whatever you decide to do, You then need to make a plan on how you can build it into your current life. What T.V are you willing to give up so you have time. What unnecessary activities are you willing to give up to create the time.
Be honest with yourself. If you are not willing to give anything up then you are not ready for success or to make that Dream a Reality. You can stop reading now. I cannot help someone who is not willing to help themselves.
Are you willing to change your current mindset? Because if you are not yet successful you will have to change your mindset. You can read my post on 7 things Successful people do by clicking here.
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If you really want to be successful, do what other successful people do. Hanging around go getters will make you a go getter. Hanging around with Mr or Mrs can’t be bothered will rub off on you too.

What Is Success About Anyway ?

What is success about


Success is about you and what you want. It is not about what anyone else thinks you should be or do. Now this one is a toughie because maybe we have families who have a success standard code written in its unwritten rules.
Maybe everyone has been a Doctor or gone to college or university or been in the motor trade or joined the family business. This is not a complete list, most families have an unwritten rule to define success. You have probably just realised what your families rules are whilst reading this.
Now it goes one of three ways with this.
1. You are happy to go along with this and feel a success.
2. You go along with it but are totally unhappy, don’t feel like a success and if only you were brave enough you would break free.
3.You are a total black sheep of the family and are going against the norm.
I would take a bet that no one reading this post is in Category 1.
If you fall into category 2, this means that someone else is actually defining what success is for you. And you know what most of the time people fall for it, hook, line and sinker. If you are still reading it’s time to decide what success really looks like for you. Then do something about achieving it.
If you fall into category 3 you can join my tribe. You may not have actually found your success yet but you are still trying, learning and striving to achieve your success, your way.
My areas of expertise are in helping people build and grow their blogs and websites and in getting people to believe in themselves.
If I can be of any help just leave me a comment below or you can send me a private message at karen@buildingwebsitesfordummies.com
You can also join me at Desperately Seeking Blogging Solutions to get regular help with your blogs or websites.
With Grace and Gratitude


  1. Danny


    For me, success is knowing that you have done your utmost best in any particular area. Does this mean getting results? Sure, sometimes. But if someone wins the lottery, does this make them a success? Success is clearly about more than just money, which is why I think it is important to define success by how successful you have been in applying yourself to a challenge!

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Danny and thanks for reading.

      I think you have given a great definition of success here. How you apply yourself is a huge part of it but reaching an actual goal, monetary or otherwise will definitely give us a greater feeling of success.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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