How To Protect Your Privacy On The Internet As An Online Business Owner

If you have your own website or blog, you have probably done a lot of research into GDPR and protecting your reader’s privacy.
You might have spent a long time constructing the perfect privacy policy. You might also have a disclaimer and disclosure policy. You have probably taken the time to find the right plugins to help you, and you are open with how your site uses cookies.
You ensure that none of your reader’s data is kept for any longer than is needed, and you never pass it to third parties. You might even have sought legal advice to make sure that your policies are within the law, and that you are in no danger of breaching any international regulations.
But, what about your own data and privacy?


How To Protect Your Privacy On The Internet As An Online Business Owner

When you run a website, you share an awful lot of yourself online. You might have your home address at the bottom of every email that you send to your subscribers. You might use your full name on social media and share photos that give people a lot of information about yourself, your family and your life. But, have you ever thought of the risks that you might be putting yourself in?
Online sharing is such a normal part of life today. Most of us share details of our lives without even thinking about how they might be used by others. We tell people where we live. We tell the world that we are on holiday and that our house is empty. We share private details that could give hackers, stalkers, and cybercriminals everything that they need. But, how do we protect ourselves without closing down the online elements of our business completely?

Don’t Use Your Real Address

The law states that you must have a real world address on your email communications if you use an email service provider and you send any kind of electronic communication. For many new bloggers and website owners, this is the first time that they think “I don’t want to give that away” but most do it anyway because they think that they have to. Virtual Office services can be the perfect alternative. It also gives you a safe way to receive mail and parcels.
If this is not an option for you then you can use the bare minimum of your address. Never use your house name or number.

Set Up Business Accounts


How To Protect Your Privacy On The Internet As An Online Business Owner

It can be tempting to use your personal social media accounts for your website. It’s easier, and you have already got followers. But that would mean that everything you ever shared will be out there for anyone to see. Instead, set up new accounts for your website, and avoid oversharing personal information.

Update Your Devices

Modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops are great at protecting your privacy and keeping you safe online. But only if you keep them updated. Install the latest antivirus software if you need to, and ensure that you install any new updates on your devices and your website, as soon as they become available. I know that it seems like there is a new one every day and it can get annoying but it’s not worth the risk of not doing it.

Use Your Common Sense

Perhaps the best, and the most underrated way to stay safe online is by using your common sense. Think about what you are sharing, trust your instincts and never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Take the time to learn more about online safety, and implement those rules for your business, blog or site.

Final Thoughts

We all know that we have a duty to protect are users data and personal information but now it is time to think about protecting your own privacy on the internet as an online business owner. Not doing so can mean giving criminals an easy ride in using your personal information for their own gains.
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