I’m Bored, What Can I Do

So you are bored and looking for something to do do ?

First Question

Are you just bored right now or are you generally bored with your life?
If you are bored right now, well you might as well read this post which will at the very least alleviate your boredom for the next 10 minutes or you could head over to Facebook or buzzfeed and take a quiz which tells you what character you are in…… well anything really.

I’m Bored What Can I Do?

If however you are generally bored with life, same old, same old day in day out. Then you really need to spend at least 10 minutes reading this post.
You may have a job, a family and an okay social life but you know there has to be more.
You may be single with a job and an okay social life but your heart says there has to be more.
You maybe married and a homemaker who knows you have more to give.
You may be married or single and have found yourself with any empty nest. Your children have flown but you know you still have more to give.
You may be something else that I have not thought of but you know you are destined for more.
Whatever your circumstances you are bored and are looking for something.
What If I tell you that six months from now you could have your Own Business That You Are Passionate About And Gives You A Reasonable Income?

Own Your Own. business

What If I told you, You Will Wake Up Every Day With The Energy To Drive Yourself To Achieve The Best That You Can Be In Every Area Of Your Life
Would You Believe Me?  Would You Be Less Bored With Life?
Those of you who are still reading Have What It Takes To Make A Change In Your Life For The Better.
It does not matter, what your interests are, it matters not, your, race, creed or circumstance. It matters not your beliefs, ethnicity or location.
All of You Have An Opportunity To Be Less Bored And More Focussed On Goals That Will Make A Difference In Your Life.

How Can This Be, You Ask Yourself Through Your Boredom?

Well I like you, found myself bored with my life circumstances around six months ago. Not that I had led a totally uninteresting life, you can read about this in my About Me Page but I was bored. I knew that while I could not continue with the previous careers, I knew I had more to give to this world and the people that inhabit it.
I am no guru and know I can’t help everyone but I knew I could benefit those who felt that they had more to give, more to learn and to add more value to their lives.
If you are still here then you seriously mean that you are bored and want to make more of your life and make a difference to others, like me.

So How Can I Help You ?

I want you to ask yourself this question ?
What are my passions, what are my interests?
Don’t panic or leave if you don’t actually know. I struggled with this question too. I had interests for sure, but passions, that took a little longer to decide.
I want you to know that whatever your Passions Or Interests are, I can show you How You Can Build A Business ( yes Business ) around them and six months from now I Can Have You Feeling Proud, Fullfilled And Accomplished.

Big Claims? Yes but I know that If can, then anyone can.

Seriously I had no technological skills, no idea what I was doing but i knew it felt right. Okay I admit to being sceptical at first. Little wonder considering the amount of scams there are out there. Loads of claims of making six figures in the next month if only you invest £100s if not £1000s .
This was different though, it didn’t make outrageous promises and even better, it didn’t want my credit card. Seriously no credit card. What it offered me was a way to learn how to build a website that could be my own and about anything I wanted. It promised that if I put the effort in to learn and apply their principles and lessons, I would have a website that would serve me well.
Now I didn’t really know what I wanted my website to be about, I had hobbies and some skills that I could build my website around but nothing I felt so passionate about. That changed as they helped me to discover my niche. You can read my own post on Niches here.
What I love to do is teach and what better to teach than what I was learning and so buildingwebsitesfordummies.com was born. I know that whatever your current circumstances are right now, you are feeling unsatisfied and want something more.
If you join me at Wealthy Affiliate I promise you, you will soon find a passion and a sense of satisfaction, with the opportunity to earn a reasonable and then a great income. The possibility of earning that six figures is there too but I cannot promise you that in the next six months.

Wealthy affiliate sign up

Imagine having built and designed your very own website. It’s not as hard as people make out as long as you have the right training. I am still amazed that people pay £1000s to have someone build a website for them. I payed for one myself several years ago. Maybe I should now branch out and offer that service myself?
I actually could because I have had the best training on the internet today. Step by step I have built 2 other websites as well as this one. I’m a bit greedy and indecisive I guess and I like the variety of the different niches.

Have I Peaked Your Interest?

Is your brain ticking over with the possibilities of what you could do? Are you slightly sceptical ? Are you scared that you don’t have the confidence or skills? Or are you ready for the challenge?

What can I do with my life

It doesn’t matter what you are thinking right now. You started off bored and unsatisfied. Here is your opportunity to be the best that you can be.

Wealthy affiliate sign up

Did I mention that you will not be alone in your new career, ever. Wealthy Affiliate thrives because of the strong and helpful community it is built on. All of us started out as newbies and we all know how that feels. At Wealthy Affiliate you will find people from all over the world, all willing to help each other out. I now have over 800 followers within the community but I can reach out to absolutely any one of the million members to give me help.
Obviously I will be there to hold your hand at all times and you will even have access to the founders Kyle and Carson who are often around in Live chat and available to answer questions through the help forum.
Right I have said enough. I said 10 minutes and I guess if you have read this far then I have taken at least that, dependant on how fast you read.
If you really want to make a difference in your life. If you really want to make more of your life and feel more accomplished then join me at Wealthy Affiliate and let’s work together.

Wealthy affiliate sign up

With Grace and Gratitude


  1. Cassie


    Really helpful and easy to follow! Thanks for the post ?

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Cassie and thanks for reading.
      Glad you enjoyed it.
      With Grace and Gratitude

  2. Dave


    Hey Karen,

    Am not bored but I definitely do want a website that can make me some money working from home.I am very tired of my day job with problems between me and my boss and such difficulties.so may be I am just bored with my job, If your recommendation can work then i definitely will it try out.
    Thank you.

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Dave and thank you for reading.

      You are not alone with being bored or fed up with your job. So many people are open to building their own business so they can work from home and ditch their boss.

      It would be great to have you on the team, let’s see what I can help you build for your future.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


  3. DorcasW


    Hi, i have read through your post. I am bored What can I do. Supposed I should say: it make two of us.

    The fact that one is bored does not mean that there is not freedom and access to opportunity.

    In a nice way you have laid the path for release from boredom into freedom.

    Can you guarantee someone who is bored that if they start on your advice six months from start they can begin to laugh at the change?

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Dorcas and thanks for reading,

      You are right boredom doesn’t exclude us from opportunity. Whilst I cannot guarantee anything, I can promise you that if you start to learn the new skills I talk about in my post you will definitely will not be bored, if you put in consistent and persistent effort then the rewards will come and you will laugh at the thought that once you thought you were not capable of building an online business.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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