How To Do Pay Per Click Marketing – A Beginners Guide

Pay Per Click Marketing has the ability to drive qualified traffic to your Website or blog if you do it well. If you do it badly you can lose a lot of money for no good reason. There are two main pay per click advertising. Google adwords and Bing Ads.
Now both work in similar ways but in this post I am going to teach you the process and strategies for Bing Ads.

Why Bing, surely Google is the bigger player?

Yes it is and as such you are going to pay more for your ads as there is more competition. Pay per click or PPC works on a bid system and the more competition for the top spots will mean you will have to pay more for your ads. I’ll explain this properly later.
Also don’t forget that Bing also owns Yahoo and they make up over 30% of the searches per day and with Bing ads you will feature on both search engines. Not everyone uses google.
There are, as with all things, pros and cons with every marketing strategy.
  • The pros are that you can drive the right traffic and customers to your site and therefore make some awesome profit.
  • You have the ability to jump the search queue  as your ad will be shown before the organic search sites.
  • The cons are that it will cost you some money. However, if done well it won’t cost you a lot.
  • It does take some knowledge to do it well and get great results.

How do I Start?

First you need to sign up to Bing Ads. If you have Bing Webmaster tools you may have been given a code for $75 Of Free adds. So if you haven’t got Bing Webmaster tools on your site get that first.
As I write they are doing a deal of spend $20 and get $100 Free in ad spend. Always look for the great deals and coupons that will get you some free ad spend when you are first starting out.

The secret to PPC is RELEVANCE

With PPC the aim is to earn more money from the traffic than you are paying for the traffic and the only way to do this is to make your campaigns relevant.
If you use keywords about dogs health make sure the page you send them to is about dogs health and make sure that page has clear call to actions on where they can buy the products that will improve dogs health. Are you catching my drift here? Yes we want traffic but we want to send them to a  page where there is a clear opportunity to firstly educate the reader and then a clear opportunity for them to make a purchase.
The best advice I can give you is to start small. You only need five or six relevant keywords in a Campaign. You need a title to create Interest and you need to tell them what they will be reading about.

Setting Up Your First Campaign

First Create a Tight Ad Group
Remember, the flow of a successful PPC campaign is, Relevant Keywords = Relevant Ad = Relevant Landing Page = Relevant Promotion
Here is an example of an ad group I have used, targeting the term Affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing for beginners
  • Start Affiliate marketing
  • Best Affiliate marketing training
  • Affiliate marketing Courses
  • Affiliate marketing training
You will notice that all of the terms are closely related. This is how you need to group your keywords. Doing this will allow you to then create a relevant ad that applies to all of the keywords. When people search related terms then your ad will show and it will mean you will get more Clicks. This is also known as the CTR (Click-Through Ratio) But Your Ad needs to be relevant too

Creating a Relevant Ad

A great ad is one that gets clicked on. These are the ones that are RELEVANT to the keywords. If you are looking for help with affiliate marketing you will click on an ad that tells you it’s a link to helping you with affiliate marketing. If the ad says advanced training for affiliate marketers you will probably not click on it.
Here is my example ad that goes with the keywords above.

How to create an ad that sells

Title: Affiliate Marketing Training – Get Started Now For Free Description: Nowhere Else Will You Find Better Training And Support To Build Your Busines Display URL : Destination URL:
What you have to remember is that real people reading these ads. The more relevant and interesting your ad is, the more people that are going to click it. You have to stand out from the crowd and get your ad clicked on by more people
Here are some things that you need to focus on within your ads:
Include the keywords within your ad
  • Use your keywords in the title
  • Be creative to catch the readers attention
  • Always Offer a call to action (click here, go here, get started today, join now, etc)
The better the performance and the higher the quality score of your campaign, the lower the click price. So doing it well will not only get you more traffic but you will pay less too.
You will notice with this example that I changed the destination URL to a different landing page to the one in the example Above. It is a great and reasonably priced way to work out what works better than others.

How to run a successful ad campaign

Setting Your Initial Bids

Firstly remember that one campaign can have 1,000’s of different ad groups and all of your new ad groups should be going into the same campaign, or rather the same end URL that educates and sells. My recommendation is that you spend no more than $0.30 with your initial bid. You can always raise it but you don’t want to risk losing money by bidding too high initially. You can get ads shown for $0.5 and some will cost more. It all depends on the competition for your keywords.
I suggest you set a daily amount you are willing to spend. I initially Set mine at $5 per day but you can set it as little as $1 a day. Just see how it works for you. On this particular advert it showed I was regularly the 2nd or 3rd ad on search pages but I was paying up to a $1 a click. I didn’t pay this that often. The average was $0.5 This showed me I was setting my daily budget too low as my daily limit ran out too quickly. So my Keywords were working and I was getting a lot of Traffic and people signing up to my offer.
But did I want to pay more for this ad. The Answer is no because you do have to work out how much you are earning, compared to how much you are spending. I got it right. The amount I was earning was more than I was spending.
Could I scale this up ? Absolutely. That is for another post though. This is a beginners guide to PPC and I hope I have helped you to get a starter’s introduction to PPC. Done well and thoughtfully you will Earn More than you spend.
I suggest you take a look at this video from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate which is where I learned the approach to PPC
Then you will be ready for the next step in scaling your PPC Campaigns and earning more from your investments.
 Please feel free to leave comments or Questions below. I will always get back to you as soon as I can
With Grace and Gratitude



  1. Julien


    Hi Karen,
    I enjoyed reading your post, well written and it’s nice to read about Bing. Usualy, Google is always the example. You are right to mention that Bing offers opportunities as well.
    “Starting small” is a great advice, it makes it easier to really understand what is going on.
    I have never done PPC marketing, but after reading your post, I feel it’s much easier than what I thought.
    Thank you for sharing the tutorial video from Wealthy Affiliate! It helped me understand some aspects of PPC marketing. I will definetely come back to your posts when I will start my own campaigns.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Julian and thanks for stopping by,

      There are many misconceptions about PPC and that Google adwords is better. It’s not but it is more expensive. The results from my own traffic compared with the minimal cost was awesome. More than an extra 1000 visitors per month and 20% conversion rates. 

      The Wealthy affiliate video by Kyle taught me so much and the results were proof that it worked.

      Let me know how your campaigns go.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


  2. Leslie Vaughn


    Nicely and creatively well done, I went through the google Ad words and will try to go through Bing to see how much of a better result I get.

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Leslie and thanks for stopping by my site. Google adwords is very competitive and pricey. Using Bing is so much more cost effective and I have had great results from my ads.
      Good luck with your ventures.
      With Grace and Gratitude

  3. Michael


    Thanks for this very informative post. I have always been interested in ppc, but have never gotten around to doing it.

    After reading your article, you make it seem very easy and not all that complicated.

    What would you say is a good amount to spend a month to get good results with ppc?

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Michael and thanks for reading.

      PPC is not that difficult if you stick to the rules. I had awesome results on $5 a day but it was a very targeted ad which is important. I would start with a smaller amount of $1or $2 a day and keep a close eye on your results. You can pause at anytime and make adjustments to your ads. 

      Hope this helps.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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