The Advantages Of Cloud Based Software – Security First

Whether you use your laptop or PC for home, work or both adding additional layers of security is not only good for your online safety, it’s also great for smarter working.
The buzzword of the moment is: the Cloud. Saving documents to the Cloud, backing up data on the Cloud or using the Cloud to access your information on the go, Cloud technology is where the smart money is.
Although the technology has been around for a while, not all businesses have taken up the challenge of making the switch to Cloud based software. Possibly through fear of change or through not understanding the advantages, we look at three reasons you should change to Cloud software today and why security is the biggest factor.
The Advantages Of Cloud Based Software - Security First

Safety First

Backing up your data is a given and maybe you have been using an external hard drive or similar to store your important files. While, for the most part that’s fine there are advantages for using Cloud software to add an additional layer of security when it comes to backing up your documents.
The beauty of this technology is that can be adapted for individual users so small scale businesses might not need the level of encryption of their larger counterparts but will still benefit from having a Cloud host who specialises in keeping data safe.
This also helps when accessing data off-site; protecting the company from outside hackers taking advantage of poor in-house security measures.

Greater Efficiency

But security is not the only advantage of using Cloud based software. Companies and individuals who sign up find they are able to access information much more quickly across the organisation, increase bandwidth when needed and share information much more readily. You might need Xero experts who can help you with the cloud-based software but once you are up and running, the technology almost runs itself. If you or your team travels for work or likes to check emails, files and so forth on the go, then having instant access to the Cloud saves everyone time and creates a far more flexible and mobile workforce.

Quicker Recovery

The other major advantage of Cloud-based technology is the speedy recovery time should the worst happen. Having an outside organisation to effectively recover your data in the wake of a crash or a breach will have you back up and on your feet in no time.
Your valuable data stands much less chance of being lost when worked through Cloud software, than on a standard network in the act of a power outage or through user error. Having your files stored safely one step away from your machine provides a comforting level of protection.


Final Thoughts

With so many reasons to make the switch away from traditional networks, it’s a wonder why everyone hasn’t but if you are not confident that Cloud computing is for you, read around some more expert opinions and find out how it might help you reach your business and personal goals, quickly, efficiently and above all, safely.
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The Advantages Of Cloud Based Software - Security First

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