Ultimate Bundles – The Best Affiliate Program For Bloggers

As bloggers we all want to earn money but we also want to add value to our readers whilst doing so. It is sometimes really hard to find affiliate programs that not only pay well, but also one you are confident your readers will also benefit from.
The Ultimate Bundles affiliate program is one that I have recently found and it ticks all of my boxes. They have an  incredible 40% commission and they also offer brilliant incentives to both you and your readers.

What Is Ultimate Bundles?

The Ultimate Bundles team puts together a HUGE bundle of downloadable electronic eBooks, eCourses, audio books, workbooks, printables, etc on a specific theme (eg. blogging, parenting, health, homemaking, photography, and more). Then, they sell that bundle at an incredible discount, usually 90-95% OFF its original price.
Each theme bundle is only available for one week a year. This creates a sense of urgency with your readers which helps drive sales even higher. Here is the current calendar:
APRIL 11-16: Ultimate Homemaking Bundle
MAY 14-15: 2017 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Flash Sale
MAY 30-June 4: Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle
JUNE 11-12: Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale
AUGUST 21-22: Healthy Meal Planning Bundle Flash Sale
SEPTEMBER 5-10: Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
OCTOBER 10-15: Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
You will notice that some say Flash sale this means they will only be available for 48 hours.
They also have the following evergreen bundles, which are sold all year round however they have an expiry date and will be replaced with new bundles for you to promote.

The bundles currently include:

Gut Health Super Bundle (expires March 31)
Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle (expires April 30) 
Work-at-Home Super Bundle (expires May 31)
Parenting Super Bundle (expires July 31)
Handmade with Love Super Bundle (expires Nov 30th)
If any of these are an interest of yours or are in your niche, go check them out and see the unbelievable value for yourself.

How can they afford to give such high discounts?

All of the ecourses, videos, workbooks and audio resources are available to buy individually by different authors and creators on their own sites but for one week they all collaborate and make them available as part of the Ultimate bundles.With so many people promoting the bundle, the authors, the Ultimate Bundle team and all of their affiliates (US) all at the same time it generates a massive amount of sales.
It is an opportunity for all of the authors to get their work seen and we the affiliates get to earn a fantastic passive income. And don’t forget that your readers get a fantastic deal on a big bundle of amazing products at a really low price.

So What’s In It For Us?

  • You will receive 40% commission for every bundle you sell, And you also receive 40% off if you choose to buy it for yourself.
  • You also receive 10% for all the sales of those you refer to the program for one year following their sign up. So if you refer 3 blogger friends to join The Ultimate Bundle Affiliate Program today, then for the next year you will earn 10% commission from EACH of their sales.
  • As an affiliate you will have access to their “affiliate center”. There you will find your affiliate links, bundle calendar, banners, swipe files for your emails and everything else you need to promote the bundles.
  • You will learn affiliate marketing for free if you are not yet used to the process. Year round and specifically before each sale, they offer FREE affiliate marketing webinars. They will make selling their bundles so easy. You will learn strategies to promote and sell products the bundles and make the best of each sale.
  • They email you with a strategy throughout each promotion, even giving you a copy and paste email to send to your list and what to tweet or write in your Facebook Page or Group.
  • If you have an eBook, eCourse, or e-product you would like to promote in a Bundle that fits your niche, just apply to have it included in a bundle. Contributors earn 70% commission on each bundle sale.
  • You can purchase a bundle and use it as a giveaway or prize to grow your email list
  • No matter your niche website or what you blog about, there is sure to be at least one bundle that fits your topics and audience.
Join for FREE and Learn for FREE. There isn’t really anything to lose.

How Do You Sign Up?

Create your FREE account Here. Just fill your info and they will send you a confirmation email which will contain your username, password, and referral link.
Make sure you go to the affiliate portal. There is a lot of great information there to help you. Have a good look around and you will see how much there is to help you promote the bundles.


  • Write a review or blog post ( a bit like this one or just about one particular bundle )
  • Create a Pinterest Pin. In the Pin’s URL write your affiliate link. Pin it to your account and your Pinterest Group Boards. You could also post it in Tailwind or Boardbooster if you use these scheduling tools.
  • Promote it on your Facebook page.
  • Use one of their banners on your side bar or in your post.
  • Send an email to your subscribers of and describe the current bundle sale..
Important: In ALL of the instances, you must  disclose clearly that it is an affiliate link.( like the one I have at the end of this post ) or just #affiliatelink in Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Ultimate Bundles is the best affiliate program for both yourself and your readers.  Why not check it out for yourself and Sign up for a free affiliate account. You can start earning and learning for FREE today.
With Grace and Gratitude
Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase through my link I will earn a commission but it will not cost you any more.


  1. james


    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for sharing this post. I’m an affiliate myself so am always interested in hearing about different programs. This one I’ve not heard of before. 40% commission does also sound really attractive! I’m going to have to look into this system further. Have you tried a specific bundle or is there one that you would recommend?


    1. Karen Noone


      Hi James and thanks for reading,

      As I am in the Make Money Online Niche, I purchased the Work at home Super bundle which was awesome. I was able to learn a lot and use the articles to inform my readers of things I hadn’t thought of and also used some of the e courses as giveaways to readers. I will also be purchasing the Genius Bloggers Toolkit though it’s not released until October.

      However as I know the amount you recieve for such a small price is awesome and that my readers are in every niche you can think of with their own sites, I do not hesitate to recommend any of their products.

      Definitely worth thinking about becoming an affiliate yourself as you can add so much value to your readers, whether you use it for yourself or recommend those packages not suited to you to your readers.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


  2. ValerieJoy


    Hi Karen, I came across your post and am interested to learn more about Ultimate Bundles.

    I understand the concept of the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program, but I don’t understand the reason for someone purchasing these bundles.

    They remind me of Private Label Rights content, but I didn’t see any reference to PLR in your post.

    Looking at it from a purchaser’s perspective, can you advise how I could use content from Ultimate Bundles on my website, if they’re not PLR content.

    Thank you.

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Valerie, you make a great point about them being like PLR, A lot of them are learning resources for ourselves or we could repurpose them like I suggest on my post on PLR What Is PLR? And How It Can Help You

      Another suggestion is that they can be used as freebies for gaining email subscribers or to give as a gift to our email lists. Many of our readers may have a lot of learning to do in their niche or they may not have a website at all. The fact that they have so many different niches covered means by offering them at this reduced cost gives either valuable learning resources for business or pleasure.

      The photography bundle which was the last promotion, sold very well and I’m sure it was purchased by lots of amateur photographers or those wanting to take better photographs for their sites.

      I hope this answers your question.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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