Blueprint For Websites – Plan For Success

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a blueprint for websites that everyone of us could use in order to gain success. Well if there were just a generic template that wrote and designed it all for us, then guess what? We would lose all creativity and inventiveness and the online world would become a dull drab place that not one of us would visit.Blueprint for websites
So if there is one out there, something we just buy and then sit back on our bums, then it will never see the light of day. And thank god for that.
We do have, however a host of blueprints that we can use to build our websites or blog which will, if used consistently and often, will enable our success in the online world.
The first blueprint we should look at is basic but fundamental to our success. It does require some input from you as you need to decide on who you are and what you are selling? And by selling I mean offering because you won’t get readers if you have nothing to offer or say. Don’t give up reading, each and everyone of us has something to offer even if you don’t believe that right now. Stick with me I will get you there.
The first thing you need is a website name. You may already have one. Great that is your starting point. For me it is Building websites for dummies.
Now we need a tag line. A tag line is a short message that gives your visitor a hint at what is to come. What your ethos is. People will decide whether they visit your site by connecting with your website name and the tag line. Does it intrigue them? Does it sit well with what they are looking for? For me the tag line is The fun, easy and profitable way.
For me, my audience or visitors are going to be people just like you. Well if you have got this far you must be interested, right? So you have a name for your website and a tag line. If you haven’t, go to my page on finding your niche and then come back here for more.
Blueprint For Websites - Plan For SuccessPlanning out your website before you write lots of random posts that are hard to navigate for your readers will help both you and your readers. So now we need some categories. Four or Five is about right but you could have more or less. Split your subject ( your website name and your tag line ) into different categories. For me these are: Website basics, Creating content, Creating a brand, Making Money.
When you have created these categories you are going to write about, you need to create sub categories underneath these subjects. So in example underneath Creating a brand I have;
  • Why we need to brand ourselves
  • Using creative services
  • Social engagement
  • Tools to create followers
  • Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Google+
  • App and resource reviews
I have a list for each of my subjects so I know where I am going with my posts and website. That is not to say I don’t sometimes stray from my original plan. Sometimes I want to write about something I hadn’t planned for because I read an article or post which intrigued me. I will then go off and research, nose around and then write about it if I think it might be useful or fun for you to read about too.
However knowing where you are going before you start is always a good plan and if you should stray as I often do it’s okay because you can always find your way back by re looking at your plan.
Make sure you now write down all of your plan. The visual below should help. Don’t panic if you can’t fill in all of the spaces. As long as you have a website name and a tag line for now. But you must go away and think about your subject and the different categories that you could include. Some online research on your niche or subject would not hurt and then come back and write out your plan.
Blueprint For Websites - Plan For Success
So now you have a plan you can go and take a look at my post on creating content.
Good luck with your online ventures and if you want to be the first to see new posts subscribe by leaving your email in the sidebar of this post.  If you would like more training like this check out my review of wealthy affiliates here.
In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
With Grace and Gratitude


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