Fiverr Reviews: Building your own online Brand.

Fiverr reviews and How I built my own online brand
Cost: 10/10
Time: 10/10
Ease of use: 9/10
Communication: 10/10
Overall rating : 9.5/10
I had reached the stage in my online career when I realised that I needed to brand what I was doing. I was posting my work on social media had three different websites and to be honest it was all over the place. No real connection to my audience and nothing to suggest that it was me.
To connect to people on the internet your audience needs to feel comfortable with you and nothing makes an audience more comfortable than a brand name they recognise and a logo or image they recognise and will eventually learn to trust.
I had no idea how to go about doing this and I had no clue what my brand name or logo could be. I also imagined that this was going to cost to do. Now some of you may already have a brand name or a generic bought logo you have on business cards but how do you get that image to use online and on you Facebook or Twitter page?
All I had was, With Grace and Gratitude, which is how I sign off in messages or posts and a memory of reading a post from someone on wealthy affiliates on branding and a company called Fiverr. A company that reportedly would create a banner for you for just that, a fiver. Or to be more precise $5 or £3.81 at the current exchange rate.
I had a scan through, the site was clearly laid out and it was clear there were people out there who could help me with a whole host of things that I was and am, still incapable of.
Fiverr Reviews: Building your own online Brand.
Graphics and design was what I wanted right now and then within that category I obviously needed logo design.
I was the led through a three step process to lead me to an appropriate freelancer within the site.
Step one: my style
Fiverr review
Step two: my budget
Fiverr Reviews: Building your own online Brand.
Step three: when did I need it by
Fiverr Reviews: Building your own online Brand.
After choosing these I had a huge list that I could choose from and could whittle down further. I looked through several and just by instinct really, as I felt a bit overwhelmed by the choices of people I was offered, put one banner in the basket of one freelancer and updated the order to premium quality image for £7.60. So in total I paid £11.41 and thought well if it is rubbish it is not too much of a financial risk.
Now this is literally what I wrote in the request. Don’t laugh.
“With Grace and Gratitude is the theme. words can or not be included.A design is needed to brand several websites and social media”
Now I wasn’t giving too much help with this gig as they call their jobs. I kind of like that, it feels quite trendy.
The freelancer got back to me with a couple of questions about size etc and here is my reply. Again don’t laugh.
“Yes if included they are the words. I am a bit of a novice here and don’t understand sizes etc. I am looking for something that I can use as an image at the top my WordPress websites, google + Facebook etc so I can create a brand across the platforms. Something creative. Let me know if you can do this for this price or if I have to buy more. I didn’t really understand the different options.”
I should not of expected much for £11.41 and my being a useless customer who really did not know what I was looking for.
However, two days later I was sent three different images to use as a banner, that fit the Facebook platform.
The first one was just perfect and it is the one you will see on this website and all of my social media. I didn’t know what I was looking for and yet he came up with my favourite colour and flower and I just loved the design and could see this as a brand I could use everywhere online. Even offline if needed.
I also purchased three more banner sizes and have the logo without the writing and the writing isolated for use as a signature if needed. The end price for everything was £20.51 which includes the processing fee by fiverr. He also helped me with changing the size as shown on my website by altering the theme sizes within my website because it showed up differently on home page and posts.
Fiverr Reviews: Building your own online Brand.
I cannot recommend the Fiverr site for branding enough.
I was a useless customer who had no idea what she wanted and yet I got exactly what I wanted, for a price that was way too cheap. I was also helped over and above what was required and all this in 4 days start to finish.
If you want to brand your site cheaply and easily, click here to try it out.
I hope this review has been useful. If you have any questions or want to tell me about your branding just comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
with Grace and Gratitude



  1. Kenny Wong


    Wow Karen! Awesome post! I am definitely going to brand my website and my business with the recommended Fiverr gig! I especially liked the way you write this post, I kinda giggled when I read the “Don’t Laugh,” and “Again, Don’t Laugh!”

    Keep up with the great work Karen. You will get FAR 🙂

    Max Respect,
    Kenny Wong

    1. Karen Noone


      Thank you for reading and thank you for your kind words.

       When I read my post back and re read the comments I left for that poor chap I actually laughed at myself. But the good news is, if I can do it any one can. I was helped along the way by wealthy affiliates. A great platform for learning. Take a look at my review of wealthy affiliates here.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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