How To Add An Affiliate Link In WordPress

Adding an Affiliate link to your WordPress website can be confusing if you have never done it before. It can take a few attempts before it becomes second nature so you are not alone in asking how to add an affiliate link in wordpress
In this post I will show you in simple steps how to add an Affiliate link to your sidebar and how to add an Affiliate link in a post.

How to add an Affiliate link to your sidebar

If you add an Affiliate link to your sidebar, this means that it will show up on every post you write. It may also show up on your static pages, depending on your theme.
This is a one time process that once done will advertise the product to all of your visitors, no matter what post they are reading.
You do need an Affiliate link that has an image associated with it for this. There are not many that don’t but you do not want just your own words linked to a site pasted in to your sidebar.
  1. Copy your Affiliate link. This will be HTML text and will have your unique code embedded in it so you get the credit if someone clicks and buys.
  2. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance
  3. Add links to wordpress
  4. Click on widgets
  5. Move a text bar to where you want your ad to appear in your sidebar. To do this just put your finger on text bar and drag to the position you want it on the right hand side.Adding links
  6. Click on text. When you open new text bar you will be on visual view which will be empty. Change to text.
    How to add an Affiliate link in WordPress
  7. Paste. The above image shows the pasted link in text. The image below shows what it looks like when you click on visual.

    Adding Affiliate link in wordpress

  8. Save
Now you will see the ad on all your posts when you view your site.

How to add an Affiliate link to post

If you are adding an Affiliate link to a post then your post should be relevant to that link. A review of the product you are linking to is probably the best example.
You do not want a random link placed in the post either. It should make sense and you should be giving them a call to action to make them want to click on that link. For example:
1. ” If you want to find out more click on the image below”
or 2. “Click here for more information”
The first example will mean you have a link with an image like the one below.
How to add an Affiliate link in WordPress
  1. Copy link
  2. Go to text in your post. You can see that my post has lots of code in it when you are in text rather than visual.I have Already pasted my link in the image below.How to add an Affiliate link in WordPressHow to add an Affiliate link in WordPress
  3. Paste link
  4. When you go back to visual to continue writing you will either see the actual image or a box with an arrow. Some links do not show in editor but when you see your published post it will be there. You can see one from my site in the image below.Adding affiliate link image
In the second example you will be adding the link to text.
  1. Copy link
  2. Write the text
  3. Highlight text
  4. Click link icon on the tool barAdd affiliate link
  5. Scroll back to highlighted text and a link box will appearAffiliate links
  6. Paste link
  7. Click on wheel
  8. Click open link in a new tabAdding affiliate links in wordpress
  9. Update
The link will now be attached to the words and if clicked it will take people to the product or page for purchasing or signing up for a product.
I hope this simple step by step process has helped you to easily add Affiliate links to your WordPress blog or website. Here’s A video I made to help you out further.
If you have any questions please comment in the section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. And if you have found this post useful please give it a share on your favourite social media platform.
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