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How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business – Read This Ebook Now

Pinterest is the largest growing Social media Platform online today and most of us are not using it properly. Pinterest isn’t really a social media platform it is a search engine. People rarely interact with each other like the other social media platforms. Because of this it needs to be approached differently. If you are a blogger, website owner or an affiliate marketer you have some learning to do.
Now I don’t pretend to be a total beginner in this area as I currently have 125k monthly views on my site, depending on the day. Pinterest is going through some algorithm changes at the moment and many of us are finding our stats changing almost daily. My results are due to researching and applying techniques from several training programs and advice from other bloggers. When I started out in the Make Money Online Niche 9 months ago, I had no Pinterest following, no real boards and no business plan.
By applying advice which I found from all around the internet whether Facebook Groups or other people’s pinterest posts, I gradually started to understand and apply techniques to build up my Pinterest following and reach. However, this was a very confusing and frustrating process which took me quite a while despite embarking on some training programs and serious research.
I was recently informed of an ebook written by a blogger I follow and admire and decided to purchase it to see if it could help me further and more importantly help my readers… that’s you ! whether you are a total beginner or are reasonably accomplished but still want to improve your reach and followers.

So here’s my review of the said ebook….

Name: The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible
Price: $35 Update: Use This code TSA5OFF for $5 off the price
Owner: Ana … she doesn’t like to give out her last name but I guess that’s wise !
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

How To promote Your Business On Pinterest - Buy This Ebbok Now


The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible: Product Overview

This is a 172-page downloadable ebook that covers everything that you need to know about Pinterest and how to use it to promote your online business. There are 10 easy to read and apply chapters in the book.
Chapter 1: Getting Started With Pinterest: If you are a total beginner and have no idea what you are doing or even how Pinterest works then this chapter will give you everything you need. If you are already accomplished then you might want to skip this chapter!
Chapter 2: Curating Your Pinterest Boards: All the information you need to create boards which work and will be found in searches. I have to admit that I made some changes after reading this chapter.
Chapter 3: Making The Most Out Of Pinterest Group Boards: The holy grail of getting noticed out there on Pinterest but something I found really difficult to become a member of at the beginning. Ana gives you some great ideas for finding appropriate boards for your niche and how to get accepted as a contributor. I am currently a member of around 20 but to follow in Ana’s footsteps I need to find more. At least now I have the know how.
Chapter 4: Creating Stunning Pinterest Graphics & Templates: You need to not only share others pins but to create your own that link back to your site. This can be the bit that scares people off from Pinterest but Ana takes you step by step in creating them and even shares a video in making them in Canva. Whilst she suggests places to purchase templates for you to adapt she also gives you the free option, which is Canva. I use this for mine and now I am used to the platform, I can create a pin in minutes. Watching Ana’s video would have saved me a great deal of time with trial and error method I used.
Chapter 5: Creating And Optimizing Your Pins: A chapter that is full of information and guidance on optimising your Pins so Pinterest and your readers take notice. Among other things she covers Rich pins, descriptions, call to actions and #hashtags. Hashtags are relatively new to Pinterest but best practice advice can be confusing. Here Ana gives us a practical approach.
How To Promote Your Business On Pinterest - Buy This Ebook Now
Chapter 6: Your Pinning Activity (+ Manual Pinning Practices): Wow, Ana really knows her stuff regarding when and how to pin and I think this chapter has given me, the best value of all the info in this e book. I would have paid $35 just for this chapter. She has so many insights and tricks to share with us.
Chapter 7: Automating Pinterest And Mastering Tailwind: I’m a big fan of Tailwind already but if you don’t yet use it you should. It is a brilliant automation tool… who has time for lots of manual pinning? Ana obviously works closely with them as she offers a two month free trial with them which would cost you $30. This means the ebook is only costing you $5.
Despite my already loving Tailwind she still managed to teach me things I had not been using or making the best use of. This is a very comprehensive chapter on how to use Tailwind effectively. If for any reason the ebook is not for you or you just want to read my take on Tailwind. Read my post on tools I can’t live without by clicking here.
Chapter 8: Tracking Your Progress & Understanding Analytics: Ana explains this tool which I will admit, I have rarely glanced at really well. Ana is clearly a statistics led person and it has served her well. I am not in the least bit analytical by nature but it is a skill I need to learn and implement. Thankfully this ebook gives me the what to look for and act upon in terms of mastering Pinterest.
Chapter 9: My 10 Secrets To Hitting 10k Followers On Pinterest: Ana had decided she would not release this ebook until she hit 10k followers and this chapter tells you exactly how she did it. Everything you need to know is here.
Chapter 10: Pinterest Success Stories And Case Studies: This chapter is really helpful as it allows you to see how different people with different businesses have approached using Pinterest to their best advantage.
There are also several bonuses including links to videos on creating pins in Canva, How to take down Stolen Pins and links to further reading and resources. The best bonuses are the 2 month free trial with Tailwind and an invitation to her own group boards.
Update: Use This code TSA5OFF for $5 off the price

How To Promote Your Business On Pinterest - Buy This Ebook Now

What’s Good and What’s Not

The Good:

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Actions required at the end of each chapter
  • Actions are split into beginner and advanced.
  • The author can back up her results with over 10k Pinterest followers
  • Can be read and applied at your leisure… we don’t need to do everything all at once!
  • A very comprehensive guide to mastering Pinterest… nothings left out !

The Bad:

  • Nothing is perfect but I found it really hard to find a negative. If there is one is that there is so much information it could be overwhelming at first. As long as you follow and apply each chapter one at a time and don’t try to rush things then you will be fine and say that you have Pinterest mastered.

Who Is “The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible” For?

This ebook and resources is excellent for total newbies to Pinterest to people like me who are reasonably accomplished but know there is more to be had out of this fabulous social media platform. It is easy to skip bits that you already know (but don’t assume you do ) and it gives total newbies step by step instructions right from even opening a business Pinterest account.

The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible: Price

Just $35 which is very affordable for most of us. As you are running a business this is tax deductible… always a winner! I have paid an awful lot more for courses that didn’t give me any where near as much practical help.
 Update: Use This code TSA5OFF for $5 off the price

How To Promote Your Business On Pinterest - Buy This Ebook Now

My Final Opinion Of The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible

Definitely worth the $35 especially if Pinterest is not yet your forte in the social media world or you have avoided it because it seems complicated. It’s not and it can give you huge amounts of traffic to your Website. This ebook has been printed out and will be used by myself to take my Pinterest strategies from good to great.
Ana has put so much work into the information she gives you in this ebook… She almost deserves a round of applause!

How To Promote Your Business On Pinterest - Buy This Ebook Now

The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible at a Glance…
Name: The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible
Owners: Ana … she doesn’t like to give out her last name but I guess that’s wise !
Price: $35 Update: Use This code TSA5OFF for $5 off the price
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

Black Friday Discounts Now Available On All Of Her Products

Ana also has several other ebooks and courses that you might find useful depending on where you are in your blogging or affiliate marketing business.
The She Approach To Boosting Your Blog Traffic $25
From Zero To Superhero Affiliate Marketing Bundle $57
Affiliate Programs Masterlist $29
I hope I have tempted you into purchasing this e book by Ana at the She Approach, however if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you purchase before the end of June 2018 Ana is also offering a free Pinterest Workshop and Q&A session so make sure to purchase now and get all your questions ready for Ana…. she knows more about Pinterest than me.
Update: Use This code TSA5OFF for $5 off the price


How To Promote zymurgy Business On Pinterest - Buy This Ebook Now

I guess you realise this post contains affiliate links which means if you click and make a purchase, I will earn a commission for which I will be really grateful. However, it won’t cost you any more. I would also be really grateful if you could follow me at and pin away from this post or to your current favourite social media.
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With Grace and Gratitude


  1. Katya


    Great review! Some of us who is older than 13,5 sometimes need help with this fairly new thing called social media. I will definitely check out “She Approach” ebook on how to deal with, and conquer Pinterest. I love how all the positivities highlighted and there are really not so many negative things. And I love that it is in an e-book format – no need to clutter the house:-)

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Katya and thanks for stopping by,

      You are quite right there are many of us, older than social media itself need all the help we can get. The reason I started this website in the beginning.

      E books are great though I admit to printing this one out.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


  2. James Calogianes


    Hi Karen,
    Just finished reading your very informative
    site on Pinterest. I feel that you wanted to
    keep on reading for more info. I’m only
    entering my fourth mo. at WA. With that
    said, I have yet become a member of this
    Pinterest! It does sounds a bit complicated.
    I guess Anna leads the way to teaching us along with your guidance in completing the task.
    Anyway, I do like your website. It’s bright and easy to read and some nice Images.
    Though throughout your writing, you have
    a bit of Space between the words. Is there a reason you did this? Other than that, I got alot out of it.
    Take Care,

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi James and thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.
      If you are not on Pinterest yet, I suggest you start and this ebook will give you everything you need to start an effective Pinterest campaign. I get 80% of my traffic through Pinterest.
      This ebook is definitely for someone starting out and it will mean you start the right way and not have to go back and change things later.
      I found the odd spacing in the words. I hadn’t noticed when I published it but it was down to the link. I think it’s sorted now.
      With Grace and Gratitude

  3. justin


    Hey i really enjoyed this article, i have been getting into pinterest more and more because i heard how important it is. I am going to have to get this book because i need more help with pinterest! Also under your details for chapter 7 you told people if they wanted to read your tips to click here. Well you didnt have a link attached to click here, i thought you would like to know incase you want to fix that. But this was a helpful article!

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Justin and thanks for reading, the ebook is very impressive with a lot of things I didn’t know and I have been using it for a while.

      Thanks for the heads up on the link I missed. It will be rectified immediately. Easily done for any of us, especially me!

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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