What Is The Crowdfire App? – And Should You Use It?

The Crowdfire App is becoming very popular in the blogging world as a way of automating their social media presence. I have been using this App for several months and figured it was time I reviewed it so you could decide for yourself whether it might help you in your online business as I don’t believe it is just for bloggers.
Name: Crowdfire App
Website: www.crowdfireapp.com
Price: Free with 3 price points starting at $5.99 dependent on your needs
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Crowdfire App, Product Overview

The Crowdfire app started life in 2010 as an automated tool for twitter but now includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. It is an app that allows you to connect any online business to its platform and then it draws information from your site for you to promote your business on all of the social media platforms at the best time.
What Is The Crowdfire App - And Should You Use It
You can add any website, but has a specialised set up for Shopify, WordPress.com ( the popular, free blogging platform that I don’t actually recommend ) and Etsy. It also covers Vimeo, Twitch and 500px. I have no idea what the last two are if I’m honest but there are opportunities for all sorts of online businesses with this app.
As a scheduling tool it allows me to have a constant stream of new content added to my social media accounts. This could be my own website posts or even posts from others as it also provides me with content from others that is related to my niche. If you don’t already know having regular and useful activity on all of your social media accounts will increase your followers and engagement. An account with no activity will soon lose followers and then eventually sales.
Once you have signed up on their site, you can download the app which is where you will operate your social media campaigns from. However, their website is also useful for training and support which I cover below.

What Is The Crowdfire App - And Should You Use It

As it started out as a twitter tool it does give you lots of opportunities to make the most of your account by giving you the opportunity to see and follow your new followers. It shows who unfollowed you too but I don’t play the follow unfollow game and will not be encouraging it. You can enter your own specific keywords and it will show you accounts that also use these and then you can follow and engage with them in order to hopefully attract more followers yourself. You can even add in your competitors so you can get advice on how they are doing and how.
There are so many things you can do with this app that you cannot fail to gain followers and more engagement. I personally do not really make the most of these tools which is more of a time issue for me. I like to go in once a week and schedule for the week ahead, secure then in the knowledge that I am putting useful information out on all of my social media accounts. You may find the tools available for managing your accounts to enable more followers more useful than me but we all have different businesses and different goals.
With the upgraded plans you also get access to analytics so you can see how your social media accounts are doing and where you might want to put some more focus. With this, it essentially gives you a one stop shop for all of your social media needs.

What’s Good and What’s Not

The Good:
  • Adaptable to all sorts of businesses
  • Total control by you, as to what gets posted on your social media accounts
  • The perfect resource for spying on your competitors
  • An inexpensive app and resource for your business
  • A total time saver
  • A one stop shop for all of your social media needs
  • #hashtag recommendations – I always need this feature!
The Bad:
  • You no longer have the option to follow all and have to follow each separately. It’s only a click though !
  • Getting used to the platform and it’s benefits can take a while (unless you watch the videos – see below)
  • Limited support on the free account.

Who is Crowdfire App For?

In short the Crowdfire app is for any online business that values its social media presence. It is useful to any blogger, website or shop owner. If you only have a small following and want to increase your reach then this is a great resource for building your online presence. If you already have a good following but struggle with content and time to post it all then this is definitely for you. If you want a more organised and effective approach to your social media campaigns, again the Crowdfire App is for you.

Crowdfire App – Tools & Training

There are 10 different videos for you to watch which cover all aspects of the app and how to use them. Did I watch them before I started using it? No, because I am a bit of a hurry up and just think I will work it out myself. Probably a mistake and I don’t recommend it because by giving time to the videos, I would have saved myself time and made me more effective in less time. Having now watched them, it is a case of do as I say, not what I do ! Oops !

Crowdfire App – Support

I have not personally had to use support but my research tells me there is little negative feedback on their support system. However, you do get premium support on paid plans which suggests it might be limited or slower on the free accounts.

Crowdfire App – Price

A totally free app to use, though it does limit the amount of activity you can do each day. However, being free it does gives you the time to see how it works and how you might use it before paying. Below is their current pricing structure. I personally subscribe to the $9.99 version which suits my needs but will now be going to the yearly plan as it is nearly half price at $5.99 and I know it saves me so much time and is worth every penny.
What Is The Crowdfire App - And Should You Use It

My Final Opinion Of The Crowdfire App

Whilst I was unsure of its worth to begin with, possibly because it took me a while to work out the best way to use it, I definitely recommend at least trying it out, after all like me you can try it for free. You can even stay with the free version if you find that is enough for your needs. As I have said it can take a while to get used to the best way to use it for you but it’s worth the effort in the long term. You might find it much easier than me. I am a confessed technophobe and hate changing the way I work.
Now it has become part of my weekly schedule and it is one of the online resources I now cannot live without. You can read more about the online tools I use by reading my post by clicking here.
Crowdfire App at a Glance…
Name: Crowdfire App
Website: www.crowdfireapp.com
Price: Free with 3 price points starting at $5.99 a month dependent on your needs
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100
What Is The Crowdfire App - And Should You Use It
I hope that my review has helped you to understand what the Crowdfire App is and if it will be useful to you in your online business. As ever if you have any questions or want to comment about other useful tools or your own experience with the Crowdfire App then leave it in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
With Grace and Gratitude
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  1. Furkan


    I can see that I can save a lot of time with it. I also wanted to spy my competitors effectively. I actually wonder something about hashtag recommendations. I need to use good hashtags for more views but does it work with news related content? Since I am thinking of writing a lot of news related content in the future.

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Furkan and thanks for reading,

      The #hastags are recommended based on previous hashtags used and ones related to your competitors. Specific hashtags for specific events are unlikely to come up in the recommendations.

      I hope this helps.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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