What Is Earn Easy Commissions About? – Read On

I came across Earn Easy Commissions through a review by another website owner and whilst they didn’t recommend it, I felt that some of the things they said about it sounded interesting. As it was free to join I thought I would do my own research and review of Earn Easy Commissions.
I thought it would be of interest to my readers as the majority of you definitely would like to know how to earn easy Commissions from your Websites or Blogs. Who wouldn’t? However, I wanted you to know if it was a scam or worth your while or mine come to that !
Name: Earn Easy Commissions
Website: www.earneasycommissions.com
Price: Free To Join With Optional Upgrades
Owners: Chuck Nguyen

What Is Earn Easy Commissions About? - Read On

What is Earn Easy Commissions About?

Earn Easy Commissions is a simple name and it does what it says on the tin. It is a program you can join for free and then promote the same program to others to earn commissions. This is the simplistic version but it is the basic premise of the entire program.
On joining, I was encouraged to listen to a basic video by the owner who was my sponsor as the review I read did not supply a link. I would have clicked and joined through them if there had been one! I didn’t hear anything I didn’t know about making money online but I didn’t hear any warning signs either. I then had to listen to another video about how the program works.

How It Works

As a free member I could promote my link and earn $1 for every qualified lead I bought in. It didn’t tell me how but as I understand Affiliate marketing I know how. If you don’t understand Affiliate marketing you would at this point have no clue. For some unknown reason the lead would only be qualified if they came from USA, Canada, U.K, Australia or New Zealand. This could mean you leaving a lot of dollars on the table. However, anyone from anywhere can join. Confusing!
You could upgrade to a Pro member which allows you to earn a $1 from anyone from anywhere and $50 if they became a pro member. This apparently leads you to a different portal but at this point I was not prepared to pay $100. It was not the $100 that put me off but the fact that you also need to sign up to Get Response an autoresponder and Click Magik a link tracking tool. It was not that these cost too much either. $15 and $12 a month. It was the fact that they need your login in details for your accounts so they could set up a 100 email sequence for you and set up the tracking of your links. Hmm!
Maybe I am a control freak but the thought of letting someone write to my email list to promote the program scared me a little. At this point I am unsure of how they get you to build that email list either. They say they will teach you but I’m not privy to that information as a free member. This is almost a done for you service so it may well be totally ideal for those who do not understand Affiliate marketing but want to make money online.
There is a private members Facebook Group too and it was clear that many are making money but not huge amounts. However, this is only a program that has been running for 3 years ( this was deduced from what was said in the videos )
There are two further levels you can join, Elite and VIP however you do have to become Pro before you can go Elite and Elite before you went VIP. As the commissions paid on these are $250 and $1000 then based on the pro level being 50% commission, I assume Elite costs $500 and VIP $2000. You do get extra work done for you at these levels and to be fair to Chuck he does suggest earning enough in commissions to pay for Pro and then enough to pay for Elite. Basically Re investing your earnings to build your business which is sound business advice for scaling any business.

What Is Earn Easy Commissions About? - Read On

He talks a lot about building websites, making videos and marketing budgets. I guess the training to help you grow your email list to promote the program to, consists of building a blog, using YouTube and Paying for advertising. Just a guess but these are sound promotional tools for any affiliate marketing business.
Now a strange thing happened. I went to the next video which was “Your 0k to 150k journey” I expected to see the training here but was met with a picture of Homer Simpson with the message that this page no longer exists and to Re login. Log in I did, and all of a sudden the video list has changed. The first was the same, the second was now a half hour Motivational video which was actually quite good if you have never come across these motivational success mindset theories before. Think Tony Robbins. If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is then it’s well worth you joining for free just to get this video.
The third video was now the “how the business works” and the fourth the training portal. Unfortunately the training portal says it is going through changes and will be available in a few days. All of this and reading between the lines in the Facebook Groups leads me to believe that this is an evolving program. Frustrating for now but a good sign as no business or program should stay stagnant.
I will update this post on the training once it is available to me.
Okay within 24 hours of me writing this post there have been more changes to the site. You can now access 11 Swipe email messages, Banners and Facebook Ads. These are useful if you join and already have an email list or website/Blog. If you don’t have either then you could use the Facebook ads to promote.
It is clear that there are already plenty of members and many who have gone VIP, sharing success and earnings is encouraged as is helping each other especially at the VIP level where the commission structure does start to become like a MLM- Multi Level Marketing structure. You can earn on the people your people bring into the program. Personally I have no problem with this but others may take another view point.
There was one thing said in the video presentation that also raised my eyebrows. “I personally will promote products on your behalf” This suggests that he will email your list with products and services which you will earn a commission on but then I guess so will he, just like he will be an affiliate for Get response and Click Magik. Not sure about this. I don’t mind that he earns commission after all that’s payment for creating the emails. However it’s great, you get affiliate commissions on products he promotes to your list with no effort on your part, but what are these products? Would I want my name attached to them?

What’s Good and What’s Not

The Good:

  • Free to join with no real pressure to upgrade.
  • The owner seems to be very honest and caring – I have a generally good instinct with these things
  • Earnings are definitely being made
  • It Is a constantly improving program
  • No experience required as it is a done for you program
  • Pays out weekly

The Bad:

  • New changes will be frustrating currently
  • You need to trust their email strategy
  • What else they promote to your email list is out of your hands

Who is Earn Easy Commissions For?

I think that Earn Easy Commissions is ideal for total Newbies to Affiliate Marketing and you will probably learn a lot about affiliate marketing and how it works. It is also ideal for those affiliate marketers who want a system done for them with only the promotion to do through their usual channels.

Earn Easy Commissions Tools & Training

At this point the jury is out on this one as I cannot access them. The tools they use like Get response and Click Magik are well regarded platforms. I trust that the emails are well written, after all it is in his interest to get results.

Earn Easy Commissions: Support

They do have a support section where you can submit a ticket with your problem or question. How quickly they respond, I do not know but haven’t read anything negative. There is also the Facebook group where I can see people, especially VIPs help other members out.

Earn Easy Commissions: Price

Free to join and you can earn minimum amounts at this level Pro level is $100 and ongoing costs of $27 a month for Get Response and Click Magik. Elite is $500 and VIP $2000.
This does mean that in total you will pay 2600 and $27 as a recurring monthly payment to get the most commissions. However, Chuck does encourage you to earn and reinvest before upgrading. There’s no point in going VIP until you have started promoting and earning.

My Final Opinion of Earn Easy Commissions

This is a really hard one for me because the jury is definitely still out. Is it worth a punt? Probably, especially as you can join for free. Chuck comes across as very honest in his videos, he is definitely no sales guru and I think he is trying really hard to create a program where everyone earns and learns.
The jury is out because I’m not sure he’s got it right just yet but then do any of us start out perfect? I did not get any sense of it being a scam, it’s just that while he knows his stuff, is he a businessman that can scale the business up to where it as successful as the platform where I learnt Affiliate marketing and how to build websites and blogs?
I have given you a comparison chart below to see how they compare. If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate you can read my post by clicking here.

Earn Easy Commissions at a Glance…

Name: Earn Easy Commissions
Website: www.earneasycommissions.com
Owners: Chuck Nguyen
Price: Free with optional upgrades

Create New Comparison

Okay in comparison Wealthy Affiliate does come out on top. With Earn Easy Commissions you are only promoting one thing. By building a business with Wealthy Affiliate you can Promote anything you like and in whatever niche you like.
If you have any questions or have experienced Earn Easy Commissions please let me know, good or bad in the comments below. Your comments will help others to make a decision to join or not. After all I’m on the fence with this one.
Please be kind and share this post on your favourite Social Media Platform if you think others should be made aware of Earn Easy Commissions.
With Grace and Gratitude
Please be aware that this post does contain affiliate links which means if you click on one and make a purchase I will make a small commission ( currently $1 if you are a qualified lead ) However it won’t cost you anything.

How I Make A Living Online?

As I have said I make my living online, through affiliate marketing and I learnt everything I needed to know about building such a business through Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training platform for anyone wanting to either start an online business or build upon an existing one.
If you want to check it out for free with no credit card required click on the link below.

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What Is Earn Easy Commissions About - Read On


  1. Kevin


    Nice review Karen,
    It is so hard with all the scams out there to find good programs to look into. There are some great ones but sifting through the muck is hard. You did a great job laying out the information. Clearly, earn easy commissions isn’t where I want to put my time.
    Thanks for your work on this.

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Kevin,
      Totally agree that it is hard for newbies to determine a scam from a legit business. I like to do reviews on things I find that I know my readers will come across.
      The jury is still out for me on this one and will update my review as they finish going through their current changes.
      With Grace and Gratitude

  2. Heidi


    Interesting concept. I think I’d have issues with them emailing about products on my behalf. Wealthy Affiliate definitely is the safer route with way more benefits!

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi Heidi and thanks for reading,
      I totally agree with you but I like to review things out there that might help anyone to make money online. Some are good, some bad and some like this one sit somewhere in the middle.
      It is fabulous to have someone from Wealthy Affiliate check ot my posts. I think it really is the easiest and most robust learning platform for online marketers of any kind.
      With Grace and Gratitude

  3. Derek Marshall


    Hi there Karen,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this honest and detailed review of Chuck Nguyen’s earn easy commisions.

    This program, in my humble opinion, is best to join in a month or two when it is more complete. It does seem to be very interesting and intriguing. I still wonder why Chuck needs access to your get response to load in 100 emails – a sharing facility could be set up and then just show where to insert or change the affiliate links for your own ones.

    1. Karen Noone


      Hi there again Derek and thanks for stopping by,

      I agree with you about waiting a while and seeing what happens with it. I can think of no real reason other than making it easy for you to do. I’m sure it says you can change the password once they have uploaded the emails but would need to check back on this one.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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